What is Benduro?

Benduro is a multistage mountain biking race with a STRONG emphasis on downhill. A twist on the popular format of Enduro racing, Benduro is about connecting riders across a diversity of ability levels with a shared passion for meeting the challenge offered by technical descents. Ample time will be allotted for all transfers between stages for everyone's enjoyment.

Racers will initially start in descending category order and will have the opportunity to choose their start order at each subsequent downhill stage, reducing the need to pass on course, so the enthusiasts can cruise and the pros can really let it rip, as safely as possible. Our goal with Benduro is to provide a positive and enjoyable racing experience for all, and we hope to grow this series in years to come to more of Bender's favorite mountain biking locations.

Each race of the 2016 series will be limited to 100 riders to reduce both environmental impact and conflicts on course. All categories and ages will be welcome, provided they can ride/walk the entire course and complete stages and transfers within the provided time limit. Family, friends, and spectators will be watching on course and mingling in the pit area. Each location includes different amenities and prizes, so be sure to check specific details for each.

2016 Benduro Series

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