Bootleg Benduro Stage Possibilities

After a rocking good time at the 2016 Nevada State Downhill Championships, it was time to get to work riding the many trails in Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park so we could come up with the possible course combinations for March 26. While we do NOT even really know the course yet ourselves, and we would really be blowing it by giving it away so early, we CAN give you a pretty good idea of what to expect for possible stages. We'll have an update on possible transfers later. Don't forget registration is limited and starting to fill up.

Stage 1: Red Zone

Riders will take a shuttle to the top parking lot and will then ride or push their bikes to the DH start box. From there they will descend the steepest face of the canyon. While we can't tell you where the finish will be, we can tell you there may be a Pro/Expert Only option. This stage will be the steepest of the race with the most elevation loss.

Stage 2: Blue Zone

Starting from the upper parking lot riders will descend the canyon somewhere within the blue zone. Again, we can't tell you where the finish will be, but we can tell you the bottom of this stage will be super fun! This stage will require the most bike handling skills and a moderate amount of fitness for the few pedally zones.

Stage 3: Green Zone

Beginning at the middle parking lot, the final stage will have the least elevation loss and possibly the most pedaling but be the most flowy.

Coming next... Transfers

How much do YOU want to suffer? We are still giving some thoughts to how much we should baby you all with the shuttle. Let us know how much you want to suffer on our official Facebook Event Page. Be sure to let everyone know your category, why or why not you want to suffer and maybe post a picture of you out suffering.

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