COURSE: 2016 Bootleg Benduro

SHUTTLE 1 (included with race entry)
All racers will board the All Mountain Cyclery shuttle near the Staging Area and exit at the Upper Parking Lot, then ride or walk the access trail to the Downhill Staging Area.

Stage 1
Stage 1 starts at the Downhill Start Box. The course will descend Snakeback, Sidewinder, Snakeback, Diva, lower Ginger for Pros and Experts, ending on Diva, ending at Finish 1, just before the access road. 1.5miles, approx 1000ft elevation loss.
Stage 1 Elevation Profile

Transfer 1 (untimed)
Racers will ride the access road to G-String, up to Lower Lake View, up Snakeback, Middle Lake View back to the Staging Area (Bathrooms). 1.3miles, approx 235ft elevation gain.
Transfer 1 Elevation Profile

SHUTTLE 2 (included with race entry)
All racers will board the All Mountain Cyclery shuttle near the Staging Area and exit at the Upper Parking Lot.

Stage 2 starts at the entrance of Boyscout. The course will descend Boyscout, crossing the middle parking lot to enter Westleg, Mother, POW, ending at Finish 2, just before the intersection of POW and Par None. 3.6miles, approx 800ft elevation loss.
Stage 2 Elevation Profile

Transfer 2 A & B (untimed)
Racers will ride (A, 1.6miles, approx 196ft elevation gain) Par None, “Lazy Man” to Circle Parking Lot, up Canyon Road, back to the Staging Area, then (B, 1.5miles, approx 312ft) up Girlscout to the Middle Parking Lot).
Transfer 2A Elevation Profile
Transfer 2B Elevation Profile

Stage 3 starts at the entrance of Eastleg. The course will descend Eastleg, ending at Finish 3, just before the Staging Area and Bathrooms. Pro and expert racers will have the OPTION to ride a line that includes several features in the jump park. Ride around will be a safe (but slower) flowy line to the finish.
Stage 3 Elevation Updated Soon
FRIDAY at All Mountain Cyclery
10am - 6pm Packet PickUp + Onsite Registration 
6pm Online Registration Closes
SATURDAY at Bootleg Canyon
8am - 9am Packet PickUp + Onsite Registration
9am - 9:30am Mandatory Riders Meeting with Bender
9:30am Shuttle #1 Begins (Pros First!)
12:30p Stage #1 Finish Time Limit
5pm Stage #3 Finish Time Limit

5:30pm – 6pm Awards
8:30pm Wayne David Band at the Dillinger

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