COURSE: 2016 Zion Benduro

The 2016 Zion Benduro race course will take riders to four exciting trail systems with incredible views of Zion National Park, and terrain to challenge all levels of riders. Covering about 50 miles in 2 days, this 6 Stage finale will determine the 2016 Series Champions. An option to register for one day of racing is also available for racers looking to get just a taste of Benduro. Sign up: BikeReg.com/ZionBenduro

Mileage and elevation are approximate. The course will be completely marked by Thursday evening, however, as a rule of Benduro, racers are responsible for knowing the course. For a digital map we recommend Trailforks, for physical maps see Zion Cycles in Springdale, Utah.

Gooseberry Mesa, UT. Photo of the Day: Dan Barham -February 24, 2013 BIKE Magazine

DAY 1: Saturday November 19th

Shuttle: From Private Staging Zone in Virgin, Utah to Gooseberry Mesa (White Trail) Parking Lot

Transfer: up White Trail 3mi +307ft -102ft

Stage 1: South Rim (Rattlesnake and God's Skateboard Park) 5.4mi 3mi +580ft -785ft

Transfer: up White Trail 2.6mi +300ft -100ft

Stage 2: North Rim (That Damn Trail) 2mi +216ft -361ft

Transfer: to Grafton Mesa 10mi

Stage 3: Grafton Mesa Trail 3.1mi +116ft -1125ft

Shuttle: From Grafton Cemetery to Private Staging Zone in Virgin, Utah

Trailforks.com Flying Monkey photo by: bgn8711

DAY 2: Sunday, November 20th

Shuttle: From Private Staging Zone in Virgin, Utah to JEM Trailhead

Stage 4: More Cowbell, Connector, JEM, Goosebumps, Cryptobionic to Sheepbridge Road 4.4ft +257ft -757ft

Transfer: Double Tracks back to JEM Trailhead 4.8mi +730ft -61ft

Stage 5: Deadringer to Lower JEM to end by Virgin River 7.2mi +199ft -850ft

Shuttle: to Flying Monkey

Stage 6: End of pavement through Flying Monkey 3mi +68ft -1336ft

Transfer: Back to Private Staging Zone in Virgin, Utah via Doubletrack 2mi

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